Bratislava Agreements


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The Bratislava Agreements have been adopted by the main shipping companies operating on the Danube River. They date back to 1955 and are subject to periodical revisions. The purpose of the Bratislava Agreements is to regulate the relations between the participants in the transport process on the Danube River.

It is important to note that they do not possess a legal act status and are applicable only if the parties to the contract have agreed so. Besides, the terms of the Bratislava Agreements apply unless they contradict with provisions of existing conventions or other applicable legal acts in force.

Most important for shippers is the "Agreement on the General Terms for Carriage of Goods on the Danube". This agreement regulates in more detail the relations between the parties to the contract for carriage of goods on the Danube River than the applicable CMNI Convention, also known as Budapest Convention.

The carrier's liability under the Bratislava Agreements is lower in limit than the liability set by the CMNI Convention. Therefore the higher limit set by the convention prevails as far as the convention is applicable.

The full text of the Bratislava Agreements is available at the following link.

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